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My summer vacation There are exactly two weeks left until my first class, and while I’m enjoying this August more than just about any other August I can remember (August for me is like February for you), the cool rainy weather of late has me looking forward to the fall. I know that the gross […]

This entire post from Emily Nagoski (Sex Nerd) is absolutely fantastic.



Some insults I have made up: CRABTITS CRAPLIPS ASSRADISH Like most of my creative output, it sometimes seems, these all developed in various chat sessions. The first two are about a year old, and they come from a conversation that also spawned the question “is there any communion wine left motherfucker?” “Assradish” happened today. I […]

I ain’t been doin’ shit. That is, I’ve been reading but not writing, and also not much of anything on my list. I’ve been enjoying the books I’ve been reading but have been lacking much of anything to say about them. So in the interest of completeness, I will replace several well-crafted medium-length entries with […]



Regarding the whole Barney Frank thing. Thanks, TKL!

Yes but


This: Frank battles for transgender workers’ rights but also this: Barney Frank, that’s not what I call an inclusive ENDA



Several hours ago I finished my first year of graduate school. Everyone said it would by fly by and to my great surprise, it did. And now that I’m on vacation, I’m looking forward to applying my brain cells (once they regenerate) to all the books that I acquired over the school year but have […]