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Well, well


Apparently my first post on this blog was exactly a year ago. And here I am a year later, a few hours after finishing my last class of my second year of graduate school. I feel significantly less burnt out than I did a year ago, both emotionally and intellectually. In fact, I feel better […]

My summer vacation There are exactly two weeks left until my first class, and while I’m enjoying this August more than just about any other August I can remember (August for me is like February for you), the cool rainy weather of late has me looking forward to the fall. I know that the gross […]

I ain’t been doin’ shit. That is, I’ve been reading but not writing, and also not much of anything on my list. I’ve been enjoying the books I’ve been reading but have been lacking much of anything to say about them. So in the interest of completeness, I will replace several well-crafted medium-length entries with […]

So I went out of the Dubious to catch the summer evening breeze. The night was glorious, out there. The air was sweet as a cool bath, the stars were peeping nosily beyond the neons, and the citizens of the Queendom, in their jeans and separates, were floating down the Shaftesbury avenue canals, like gondolas. […]

One down


Dick, P. (1974). Flow my tears, the policeman said. New York: Vintage. This is the most lyrical and least mindbending of the three Dicks I’ve read, and I’m not sure if I found it “bleakly beautiful” or just boring. It’s certainly readable – I did it in one sitting – but A Scanner Darkly made […]

My apartment would be perfect if it had one more room that I could fill with books. Or, more to the point, bookcases. When I moved back to Cambridge two and a half years ago, I sold four or five boxes of books, which bought me enough space to last roughly two and a half […]



Kunin, A. (2010). The sore throat and other poems. New York: Fence Books.