Well, well


Apparently my first post on this blog was exactly a year ago. And here I am a year later, a few hours after finishing my last class of my second year of graduate school. I feel significantly less burnt out than I did a year ago, both emotionally and intellectually. In fact, I feel better than I have in years, which is a feeling I’ve had for most of the last couple years anyway but it seems particularly keen right now, despite being in worse physical condition than I think I’ve ever been in (for the time being).

Anyway, since school is over it seems like a good time to post my summer reading list, for my own benefit if nobody else’s.

Doud, P. (2010). The hunt for the eye of Ogin. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books.*
Doud, P. (2011). The mornith war. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books.
Dunagan, P. J. (2011). There are people who say that painters shouldn’t talk: a Gustonbook. Sausalito, CA: Post-Apollo Press.
Margulies, A. (1989). The empathic imagination. New York: W. W. Norton.*
Martin, G. R. R. (2011). A dance with dragons. New York: Bantam.
Mynes, J. (2011). How’s the cows. Madison, WI: Cannot Exist.*
Newmahr, S. (2011). Playing on the edge: Sadomasochism, risk, and intimacy. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press.
Nussbaum, M. (2004). Hiding from humanity: Disgust, shame, and the law. Princeton: Princeton University Press.*
Reindl, S. M. (2001). Sensing the self: Women’s recovery from bulimia. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.*
Schwartz, R. C. (1995). Internal family systems therapy. New York: The Guilford Press.
Thibodeaux, S. (2011). Palm to pine. Lowell, MA: Bootstrap Press.
Willet, W. C. (2001). Eat, drink, and be healthy: the Harvard Medical School guide to healthy eating. New York: Free Press.
Wolfe, G. (1981). The claw of the conciliator. New York: Orb.
Wolfe, G. (1981). The sword of the lictor. New York: Orb.
Wolfe, G. (1982). The citadel of the autarch. New York: Orb.

(An asterisk indicates that I’ve already read some of the book in one form or another – most likely I started it during vacation or a slow weekend and then didn’t manage to get back to it.)

The presence of one or two books from last year’s list should by no means suggest that I ended up reading all the others from the previous list. I’m choosing to start fresh, and I like this list. Though I’m pretty certain I won’t read everything on it, it feels both ambitious and manageable, and I think the my range of interests is represented in rough proportion to my degree of interest.

I also plan on spending the summer eating better, working out, watching lots of TV and movies, and spending copious amounts of time gaming. A class here, a little vacation there, and it will be fall before I know it, I’m sure.

And who knows? I might even blog again.


6 Responses to “Well, well”

  1. 1 Kevin

    No Dance with Dragons on the summer reading list?

  2. 3 Patrick

    I’m excited that you’re planning to read The Book of the New Sun (or maybe have already started, as Shadow of the Torturer isn’t on the list). I read it for the first time this past winter, then Urth of the New Sun, then Book of the Long Sun. I’m finishing Book of the Short Sun right now.

    • I saw that you had rated those on Goodreads recently! I devoured Shadow of the Torturer and then got sidetracked, but I’m looking forward to the rest.

      I’m also looking forward to reading your new one! I read half of The Hunt in a weekend and then got totally swamped. It’s tops on my list to read next (and not just alphabetically).

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