I am drafting a proper post, but in the meantime (typo: meatnime), this is the working version of this summer’s nighttime driving mix.

“Safe From Harm” (Massive Attack)
“Roads” (Portishead)
“Surf Rider” (The Lively Ones)
“Gimme Danger” (The Stooges)
“Rock Me” (Great White)
“In The Air Tonight” (Phil Collins)
“The Chain” (Fleetwood Mac)
“Fade Into You” (Mazzy Star)

It’s a revision of last summer’s mix, all record of which seems to have disappeared from my files, but which I think I was more or less the same except for the Massive Attack, Fleetwood Mac, and Mazzy Star.

I’m contemplating adding some Everything But the Girl, Blake Babies, and Springsteen, but one of the things I like about this mix is its relative brevity (currently clocking in at 39:37, if itunes is to be believed). In my head it’s perfect for a slightly roundabout windows-down trip home from JP late at night, either going up Brookline and down Mass Ave, or cruising along MemDrive and then cutting through Harvard Sq. (mowing down hapless pedestrians).

The other thing I like is the challenge of instilling some kind of unity between pretty disparate areas of my musical interests. Which I suppose is part of the art of the mix in the first place, but which is also much harder when working with a shorter runtime.

Suddenly this post feels distinctly retro.


11 Responses to “Mix”

  1. 1 Pearl

    I think you made a copy of that mix for me, and I feel like maybe Mazzy Star was on there, though I can’t be entirely sure. When next I make it out to my car, I’ll look for it, if you want.

  2. You know, I might have done. Last summer there were two iterations of the mix, and Mazzy Star might have snuck onto the second one. If you can dig up the tracklist I’d be grateful.

  3. 3 bripod

    I remember hearing Mazzy Star for the first time in years in your car last summer.

  4. 5 Vanessa Echo

    I have a Mazzy Star album if you would like to make a trade! I only have one Portishead song, which I fell in love with (“Cowboys”) I received from a friend years ago, and since then I’ve had a hard time finding their albums (in stores, I’m not much for internet downloading…)

    • I’ve got all the Mazzy Star I need… but I can set you up with plenty of Portishead. Dummy and Third are absolutely essential.

      • 7 Vanessa Echo

        Yes, please!

      • We can make that happen. You should come by the Boston Poet Tea Party tomorrow and I can give you CDs. Or I’ll drop you a line in a week or so when I get back from vacation.

  5. 9 Vanessa Echo

    Not sure my plans for tomorrow yet, but if I am in the city I can definitely stop by the Tea Party, Outpost 186 is right down the street from me ^_^

    • Cool. Show up before 1 pm and you can hear me read! I’ll have some CDs handy just in case.

      • 11 Vanessa Echo

        Ok, sounds cool, I can be there, looks like my plans are putting me in the city for the day.

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