A serious conversation


me: if boo was a human would you date him?
pearl: god, what a question.
i honestly don’t know
he is kind of a dick, so…yes!
me: ha
i was just having one of those conversations w/oui where i tell her i don’t need a real girlfriend, and then i started wondering…
this is not the first time i’ve wondered, either.
pearl: so…you would date oui (if she were human)?
me: i dunno.
she is nice and curvy
and she likes to eat
and biting
all those are in her favor
pearl: what about dragging her butt on the carpet?
me: yes, the personal hygiene aspect is somewhat lacking.
pearl: ha
is that a deal-breaker?
me: it may be.
she does have good taste in music.
pearl: not a heavy metal fan, though, right?
me: true
but that’s ok
she likes weird english folk a lot
and psychedelic music
pearl: both good things
me: yes


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