Close to me (closer mix)


4 Responses to “Close to me (closer mix)”

  1. 1 David

    love it! I might still have this album kicking around somewhere.

  2. Maybe it’s because I heard this version first, but even though I like the original, I find the horns on this one totally sublime.

  3. 3 Kevin

    What a great band. I’m always amazed when I think about how “Boys Don’t Cry”, “A Forest”, and “Close to Me” don’t really sound anything like each other, but they all sound like The Cure.

    After seeing a (surprisingly great) recent live show a couple of years ago, I bought their most recent album on a whim. It was not surprisingly great.

  4. I think The Cure were pretty uniformly brilliant through 1992, after which point they became pretty uniformly irrelevant.

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