One down


Dick, P. (1974). Flow my tears, the policeman said. New York: Vintage.

This is the most lyrical and least mindbending of the three Dicks I’ve read, and I’m not sure if I found it “bleakly beautiful” or just boring. It’s certainly readable – I did it in one sitting – but A Scanner Darkly made me feel seriously paranoid, and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep annoyed me, whereas I think this just left me cold. I might have to try it again sometime.


2 Responses to “One down”

  1. 1 Patrick

    Funny you should post about these, Aaron. I just read Flow My Tears and am now finishing Scanner Darkly—in fact, I’ve been reading through the entire second Library of America volume—so I’ve also just read Martian Time Slip, Dr. Bloodmoney, and Now Wait for Last Year… It’s been all Dick all the time for the last couple of weeks.

    I love the title of Jason Taverner’s current hit, “Nowhere Nuthin’ Fuck-up.”

  2. Synchronicity! What’s your take on the ones I mentioned? or the others?

    “Nowhere Nuthin’ Fuck-up” is a pretty awesome name for any song, but particularly for a suave crooner (I was imagining him as similar to Johnny Mathis) like Taverner.

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